‘Even death can’t stop us from dancing’

Big Takeover founder Jack Rabid penned his own heartfelt review of ‘Rave On: A Tribute to the Reducers Vol. I‘ in the magazine’s most recent issue (#71):

red“Based on 34 years of yeoman service with the same lineup (remarkable), New London, CT institutions/rockers/nice guys The Reducers deserve any tributes, let alone tribute albums. So bassist Steve Kaika’s sad cancer death June 12, 2012—the only thing that could cause the foursome to part—adds layers of poignancy to an already terrific collection. (Additionally, profits go to Kaika’s family.) Like the feted, these 24 bands rambunctiously rock; the originals are such fun, that most (beyond a Mark Mulcahy/Chris Harford project, Birdfeeder) shadow the heroes’ workingman’s R&B/rock/punk/pub rock/power-pop reinvigoration—Americanized, like what Cheap Trick did to The Move. I.e., think of The Reducers as tough New England foils to Ducks Deluxe (whom they covered), Dr. Feelgood, Eddie & the Hotrods, Vibrators, 999, and Raw and Stiff label acts, with the explosiveness of early Ramones, Clash (another cover-ee) and Replacements, whom they opened for—a meeting of the (like-) minds. All these facets are heard here, such as the bluesy harmonica-hop of The Manchurians, the “Tonight We’re Gonna Rock You” tack of Paul Brockett Roadshow, the Ramones-ride of The Rattlers (early contemporaries, with Joey Ramone’s bro Mickey), and raunch ‘n’ roll from old faves, (Teenage Head’s) Dave Rave (& Lauren Agnelli) and Tim Lee 3 (Windbreakers). Everybody got the bug—this music can’t die any more than Chuck Berry’s, and when played with pummel guitars and big-time backbeat, even death can’t stop us from dancing.

Here are links to download or purchase a copy of the CD.


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