The Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II


Good Sponge Records is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II, a compilation of 18 freshly-minted songs from 18 southeastern Connecticut-affiliated bands/artists. Featuring new tracks from:

Sue Menhart Band
The Rivergods
Josi Davis
Chris MacKay & The Toneshifters
Hannah Fair
Carl Franklin
Amalgamated Muck
Ken Atkins & Honkytonk Kind
Matt Gouette
Lauren Agnelli
Vincent Tuckwood
Doug Woolverton & Carl Franklin
Nancy Parent
Burnouts from Outer Space Facebook page
Dirt Road Radio
Black Marmot
Dave Rave

This just in… The Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II is available now for digital download at Details on the (physical) CD release party coming real soon! Last year, most of the artists from the Good Sponge Sampler Vol. I performed live at a huge show the Eugene O’Neill Rosebarn in Waterford, CT. We’re hoping for a repeat performance this year. So stay tuned, enjoy the music and help spread the word!


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