New EP “Never Grow Old” from The Rivergods

We’re pleased to announce new EP from The Rivergods “Never Grow Old” is out now, and the reviews are starting to come in!

Blood on the Tracks-era Bob Dylan and Harvest Moon-era Neil Young in a poppy, less guitar centric, package … Ben and Nancy Parent both have wonderful voices that work incredibly well together … 60’s folk rock and pop influence mixed with a more modern tonality, song structure and recording techniques …  It’s channeling your forefathers through the lens of your own life and experience.” —

Read the full review here.

“Beckons with wise words, memorable melodies, and a five-piece ensemble sound that makes listeners rock in their seats … Parent’s lyrics pack that hard-to-find combination of power and poeticism. Nancy Parent’s harmonies, as always, elevate the vocals … a timely and yet timeless arrangement of music and words that will never grow old.” —

Read the full review here.


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